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SBO4 Page

This page is devoted to the 4-th Students’ Business Olympiad [SBO4] arranged in fall 2008. All the main information, stages, activities and results are placed on this page in a short format. You can contact Mr. Tariel ZIVZIVADZE, the author and project manager for more detailed information anytime.
** The Bank of Georgia – General Sponsor
** Aqua Viva – Sponsor
** The Georgian American University [GAU]
** The International School of Economics [ISET]
** The Black Sea International University [IBSU]
** Caucasus University [Caucasus Business School - CSB]
** The Caucasus Academic Center [CAC]
** The University after G. Robakidze [Alma Mater]
** Kutaisi University of Economy and Law [KSEU]
** Business Conference –
** MARNET Associates LLC

Three core innovations were incorporated into SBO4:
1. SBO4 became a competition for real cash money. The total predefined prize fund was minimum 4500 GEL. Each students’ team paid GEL 50 for the participation [or their university covered this price] and they got an opportunity to win minimum 5 GEL and maximum 500 GEL;
2. SBO4 was purely online initiative. All the communication will be handled through internet [including students’ team registrations, payment process, participation, giving out the winning sums];
3. SBO4 was an Olympiad where the students [Georgian Speakers in this case] from different universities of the world were engaged;
SBO was running through the fall 2008 and lasted for approximately 3 months. The activities were:
1) Registration period;
2) Meetings with the students at different Universities;
3) Conducting B-STRAT simulation program.
More than 350 students in 90 student teams took part in the SBO4.
To accomplish transparency requirements the sponsors helped us to crease the website –

Terms of participation
All the students of the Bachelor and Master programs of any University of the world could take part in the SBO4 through creating their team of up to 4 students and registering.
The registration fee of GEL 50 [USD 32] was defined for those students’ teams that were not from partner Universities. It was justified by the following argument: The solid prizes defined for the winners would naturally attract many students. Defining registration fee would ensure participation only of motivated students. All registrants had to be the students at the moment of registration.
Winners and Prizes

Mr. Jemal Oniani, the student of the Georgian-American University and his team won the SBO4. The main cash prize fund of up to 5800 GEL was distributed to 37 student teams and transferred to their bank accounts directly.

20 best students got the certificates. SBO4 deserved pretty much interest from media representatives too.
The award ceremony was arranged on Jan 13, 2008 at ISET facilities.
Below you can view the video. After successful implementation of the 4-th Students’ Business Olympiad [] in fall 2008 we were invited in TV program Capital in Imedi TV on January 14.

** Winner List

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