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SBO3 Page

This page is devoted to the 3-rd Students’ Business Olympiad [SBO3] arranged in fall 2007. All the main information, stages, activities and results are placed on this page in a short format. You can contact Mr. Tariel ZIVZIVADZE, the author and project manager for more detailed information anytime.
** Pharmaceutical Company GPC – General Sponsor
** Journal “BUSINESS”
** The Black Sea International University [IBSU]
** Caucasus University [Caucasus Business School - CSB]
** The Caucasus Academic Center [CAC]
** The Georgian American University [GAU]
** The International School of Economics at TSU [ISET]
** MARNET Associates LLC [Organizer]

The core innovation that was implemented in this project was the real case that was given by the sponsor – GPC to the teams on the final stage. The teams had to study the project and present their strategies in front of the commission.
All the activities within SBO3 were done offline. Just the registration forma could be sent by the teams by email.
SBO was running through the fall 2007 and lasted for approximately 3 months. The activities were:
1) Registration period;
2) Selection test;
3) Business seminars;
4) Final 20 selection test;
5) B-STRAT simulation for finalists;
6) Real case presentation;
897 students registered for the SBO3. Registrations were free as GPC – the general sponsor covered all the costs. Around 80% of the registered students wrote the IQ tests and around 200 of them were selected to attend business seminars. The final 20 selection test identified final 20 finalists, that plaid B-STRAT and engaged into the real case presentation phase.
Terms of participation
All the students of the Bachelor and Master programs of any University of the world could take part in the SBO3 through individual registration system.
All registrants had to be the students at the moment of registration.
Winners and Prizes

Mr. George Papava, the students of the International School of Economics at TSU won the SBO3. His prize was – 2 week training program in Great Britain.

20 best students got the certificates.
The award ceremony was arranged on arranged on Dec 23, 2007 in Courtyard Marriott Tbilisi.

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