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ISBO7 Elite-Round: Year 6 results! – UPDATED

It was found out that one of the elements of the old scenario [used in SIM1] was not updated in the Elite-Round B-STRAT Simulation. This element was updated in no time and the updated results are posted below as well as results send by email to the teams.
We sincerely apologize for inconvenience.
Please find your results of the 6-th year in your email inboxes. Also download and use other important files [not sent by email]:
1. SummaryFile
2. Place-score
3. c-eco
4. c-listing
5. Investment Results
6. All Results File
You task now IS:
1. Plan the 7-th year of your company. You still have 3 years [7-th, 8-th, 9-th] ahead to plan, so a lot can happen;
2. Do some personal investments;
3. Send the respective forms before the next deadline, which is TOMORROW, 17 Dec, Monday, 22:00, 2012;
5. Send this information ASAP, no later then Dec 20!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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