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ISBO6 Page

This is the page devoted to the 6-th International Students’ Business Olympiad arranged in Spring-Fall 2011. All the main information, stages, activities and results are placed on this page in a short format. You can contact Mr. Tariel ZIVZIVADZE, the author and project manager for more detailed information anytime.
** International Black Sea University [IBSU]
** International School of Economics [ISET]
** Georgian-American University [GAU]
** Caucasus University [CU]
** University of Georgia [UG]
** Caucasus Academic Center [CAC]
** G. Robakidze University [Alma Mater]
** Kutaisi University [UNIK]
** American University for Humanities Tbilisi Campus [AUHTC]
** Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University [GTTU]
** Business Conference –
** MARNET Associates LLC

1. This 6-th Olympiad became officially International. We had International organizations as partners as well as some students/teams participated from abroad;
2. ISBO6 was conducted via Internet, including the team registration process, the simulation and all the communication with the program administrator. B-STRAT is the comprehensive distance learning program used within the ISBO. That is why the participants needed only Internet in order to participate;
3. B-STRAT – the strategic business simulation was the engine of the ISBO. The students’ teams created their virtual business companies in the simulated business environment, produced and marketed their branded products on the simulated market, made virtual money and won. The 100% objectivity of the evaluation was ensured as the computer program was the only evaluator;
4. ISBO6 was the team competition as well as the individual contest. The prizes for the winner students and their lecturers were defined. We welcomed all the ambitious and motivated students, who wanted to experience doing business in the simulated business environment, to challenge themselves, get the experience of the distance learning program and of course fight for the final and the most important prize for the winner – GEL 5000 cash!
ISBO6 was running through the whole 2011. The official languages were English and Georgian.
Stage 1: Spring stage
The first stage of the ISBO6 started on February 14, 2011 and lasted for approximately 5 months. The goal was to arrange several rounds of B-STRAT to identify the best teams for the elite round. The activities were: 1) Registration period; 2) Conducting spring rounds of B-STRAT; 3) Meetings with the students at different Universities.
More than 350 students in 108 student teams took part in the spring round that consisted of 6 rounds of the B-STRAT simulations. Students participated from China and Latvia too.
Stage 2: Fall – Elite round
The final stage, the elite round started in September 2011 and lasted for 3 months approximately. As a result, the winners of the ISBO were identified. The activities were: 1) The registration of the teams for the elite round; 2) Conducting the elite round.
117 students in 44 teams took part in the elite round of the ISBO6.

Terms of participation
All the students of the Bachelor and Master programs of any University of the world could take part in the ISBO6 through creating their team of up to 4 students and registering.
The registration fee of GEL 50 [USD 32] was defined for those students’ teams that were not from the ISBO6 partner Universities. This ensured participation only from motivated teams. All registrants had to be the students at the moment of registration.
Winners and Prizes

Miss Tamuna Jokhadze, the student of the International Black Sea University won the ISBO6. The main cash prize of the ISBO6 – GEL 5000 was transferred to her bank account.

The top 20 winners of the ISBO got the certificates of the highest quality. The students winning the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-th places had the place indicated in the certificate. The students of the three winner teams of all the rounds arranged during the spring stage also got certificates. The lecturers, whose students got certificates, also received the certificates of appreciation;

The award ceremony was arranged on Dec 30, 2011 at Holiday Inn Tbilisi.
All the prizes were issued after the completion of the ISBO6.

The public radio FM 102.4 kindly invited ISBO6 team to the live broadcast on Jan 4, 14:00. Mr. George Chokoshvili led the conversation within the “open studio” program. Tariel Zivzivadze and Tamar Jokhadze were talking about the ISBO6 details. Tamar Jokhadze won GEL 5000, the main prize of the ISBO6. The conversation [Georgian] is interesting for those, who want to know all the major details about ISBO: partners, participants, rules, system, future plans etc …
** Winner List
** ISBO6 Presentation

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