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The International Students’ Business Olympiad [ISBO7] is the intellectual online business competition of the ambitious and motivated students, arranged since 2006. The goal is to promote business education and encourage successful youth. Any student of the Bachelor and Masters programs of any University of the world can participate in the project. B-STRAT – the strategic business simulation is the main engine of the competition.
We welcome all ambitious and motivated students, who want to experience the challenge of doing business in the simulated business environment, to get the experience of the distance learning program and fight the competition for the cash & other solid prizes.
Six Olympiads were conducted so far:
1-st: fall of 2006;
2-nd: spring 2007;
3-rd: fall 2007;
4-th: fall 2008;
5-th: spring 2009;
6-th: spring-fall 2011;
ISBO was founded by Mr. Tariel Zivzivadze in 2006.

Tariel ZIVZIVADZE – 34 years, the director of MARNET Associates LLC, business consultant and trainer with 14+ years of experience in business activities, trainings and business consulting. He passed professional internships in the US companies and professional training in the George Washington University in 2002. The main fields of consulting – business strategy development, business plan writing, marketing, business trainings. Besides consulting activities he is providing distance and non-distance education programs in English and in Georgian in three fields [strategic simulations, marketing and business ethics] at high profile educational institutions.
Please contact the author of the project for additional information or look around this website.
Director: MARNET Associates LLC
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Cell #: +995 577 73 79 64
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